Break Out Canoe Club

   Winter Slalom Training

Winter slalom training will be held on Monday evenings during the winter of 2017, commencing at 6pm. These sessions are usually open to all ranked paddlers. If you are interested in attending, but are not currently ranked, please contact John.


 6:00 pmArrive and change
 6:15 pmStart of session
 7:10 pmEnd of session - change
 7:15 pmPut away boats, gates and other kit
 7:20 pmDebrief
 7:30 pmDepart


Given that it will usually be dark during these sessions, it is important that we work together to ensure everybody's safety, and that all equipment is put away in the correct location. Note in particular the following:

  • Please make every effort to be on-time
  • Everybody to leave the water at the same time
  • Change before debrief and putting away kit (we are considering the potential for freezing temperatures here)
  • Put away your equipment, and then look for other jobs that need doing
  • Nobody to leave site until all equipment is away
  • Be prepared to work hard, and adhere rigidly to the time-table!


All participants must have completed an Activity Information Form. This provides parental permission where the participant is under 18, and ensures that we have up-to-date medical information on file. The form is here (the top one in the list).

Training Benchmark Times - Slalom

Patrick Marriott (K1)40.638.639.438.6
Aaron Kirk45.539.648.139.6
Patrick Marriott (C1)43.043.0
Jack Perchard47.543.347.643.3
Sam Pateman43.643.6
Mark Stoner44.945.844.9
Chris Row47.845.047.045.0
John Stoner50.650.6
Elliott Massey51.851.8
Will Simpson57.652.852.8
Ryan Hunt (C1)54.754.7
Sam Swinfen54.854.8
Toby Knott55.255.2
Josh Mackley56.359.656.3
Isaac Mackley57.157.1
Heath Simpson69.163.559.259.2
Ian Hollingworth73.564.262.362.3
Callum Massey66.666.6
Toby / Will73.873.8

Those who can't remember the course - please study the image below!